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Frequently Asked Questions



Quality gas logs can last you 8 to 15 years if serviced and maintained properly.  Cheap gas logs sold as a seasonal offering at large retail stores often last only a season or two.

How long do gas logs last?

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We get this all the time.  It means different things to different people.  Some people mean a wood burning fireplace insert, some mean gas logs, others aren’t really sure at all.  That’s ok.  We’ll take the time to listen understand what you really need.  Then we’ll help you select what’s right for you.

I want a fireplace insert.

Did you change the batteries in the remote?  And the most common solution – did you replace the batteries in the receiver box.

Why is my fireplace remote not working?

If you want glass doors for your fireplace we can help you find the ones that are just right for you.  We’ll even come out and measure to make sure they will fit and we can arrange to install them.  Unfortunately, over the years, we have tried help people install doors that were not selected properly to start with.  It usually turns out badly.  So we had to make the decision to install and service only the products we sell.

Can you install my glass door?

Probably not.  Gas logs sold as a seasonal item are usually designed for low price first and long life last.   Because they are sold at big box stores as a seasonal item or from a discount online seller there is usually no one to help make sure you got the right logs to start with.  Trying to fix the problems after the fact usually doesn’t work out well.  So, we had to make the decision to install and service the products we sell because we made sure you got the right things to start with.

The gas logs I bought last year at the big box discount store aren’t working.  Can you fix that?


Our other great products

In addition to gas logs, you'll also find a great selection of electric fireplaces and several services we offer. Stop in today to speak to one of our professionals about the best options for your fireplace.